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Förgyllning i elektrolytbad. Några säkerhetsaspekter. (Gold plating)
Roterande handverktyg. Några säkerhetsaspekter.
Roterande sliphjul. Några säkerhetsaspekter.
Risker med gasol i din guld-silversmedja.
Att förvara kemikalier i din smidesverkstad.
Hur jag fäster stenen för facettslipning.
Optics Notes for Gemology.
Physical Properties of Gemstones.

Here is a collection of external links to e very good site with papers on gemstones.

The Newsletter of the Canadian Institute of Gemmology
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Editor J. Wolf Kuehn

Gemmology Canada is published quarterly. In this electronic edition we publish selected articles written by students of the Canadian Institute of Gemmology in fullfillment of their "Accredited Gemmologist (C.I.G.)" diploma requirements and by other contributors.

Visual Gemmology - A Basic Approach, by Donald G. Coughlin.
Gemología Visual- Una Aproximación Básica, by (in Spanish) by Donald G. Coughlin.
More about Visual Gemmology, by Donald G. Coughlin.
Gemstones of British Columbia, by Stephen Bertalan.
An Introduction and History of Tourmaline, by Rona Johnston.
The Critical Elements of Tourmaline Evaluation, by Marianne Odber.
The Mexican Opal, by Carmen Ramirez.
Sri Lanka - A Gemstone Buyer's Dream, by Donald G. Coughlin.
Pearls - more than a Gemstone, by Shirley Ford-Bouchard.
Fracture Filling of Diamonds, by Janina Skawinska.
Famous Fancy Diamonds: a brief history, by Linda Crane, Winnipeg.
A journey to Burma's jade mines/Part1, by R. Hughes et alteri.
A journey to Burma's jade mines/Part2, by R. Hughes et alteri.
Death of the Thai Ruby, by Richard W. Hughes.
Response to Death of the Thai Ruby, by Scott Montgomery.
Life during Wartime, by Richard W. Hughes.

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