The following excerpt is from EXPLORATION NEWSLETTER - What's up in Sweden, No 4, November 1997.

Current news on exploration in Sweden

William Resources, Canada, the new owner of the Bjorkdal mine (Terra Mining) has announced that they intend to spend over $5 million on exploration in Sweden and Finland. Recent drilling around the Bjorkdal deposit has revealed several new targets with good gold grades. Other areas included in the "drilling programme" is Barsele in Sweden and Pahtavaara and Vatsa in Finland. For further information see

The Swedish company ScanMining has bought most of COGEMA's prospects in western Vasterbotten, Northern Sweden, including the Ersmarksberget deposit. The company will start a massive drilling programme and announces its intention to start a new mine before the turn of the century. For further information: Kjell Moreborg +46 (26) 10 64 10.

Viking Gold reports encouraging results from the drilling programme in Svartliden. The first succesful 4 000 metres of drill core showed several sections with 5-20 grams per tonne Au. This will be followed up with continued drilling. For further information see:

North Atlantic Resources AB (NAN) has been very active during this summer. Air borne and ground geophysics as well as geological mapping has been carried out in the Skellefte district. They report good indications and visible gold in outcrop. Drilling is planned. In northern Sweden NAN has purchased an 55% ownership of Golden Eagles exploration permits in the Nautanen area, northern Norrbotten district. They also announce the start of a drilling programme at Nautanen. A drilling programme in the Bergslagen distict, southern Sweden, is completed. No results from this has so far been reported. For further information: Edward F Posey: +46 (18) 65 60 00.

The Australian junior company Equinox has entered Sweden. Ten applications for exploration permit cover a total area of 920 km . The area includes mainly iron oxide but also copper deposits. Welcome to Sweden Equinox! For more information: Bruce W Nisbet tel. +61 (9) 322 3318.

Rio Tinto, with exploration permits all over Sweden, has established a national office in Lulea. Head of offce is geologist Jonathan (Jonte) Beswick.

Diamond adventure toward a final solution?

Poplar Resources Ltd. has announced the formation of a joint venture with Alcaston Mining N.L. to explore for diamonds in Sweden. Poplar is second in turn after Alcastone on the application desk. Alcastone's appeal against a previous judicial decision is still in the file at the Swedish Supreme Administrative Court. Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of a so far four year long process....

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