The following excerpt is from EXPLORATION NEWSLETTER - What's up in Sweden, No 6, October 1998.

Current news on exploration in Sweden

Lapland Goldminers AB is at present drilling on their gold prospect Faboliden, south of the Skellefte field.

Lappland Guld, which has the same owners as Lapland Goldminers AB, plans together with their joint venture partner Viking Gold to restart diamond drilling at Svartliden which is reported to contain some 16 t of gold at —7 g/t. North Atlantic Natural Resources, NAN, has made a considerable find by diamond drillings at Storliden, 8 km NE of Malå in the Skellefte field. First intersections of an extensive zinc-copper stringer zone led to the discovery of a massive zinc-copper mineralisation. Intersections with grades up to 28% Zn and 8% Cu have been reported. The highest gold and silver grades are 1.6 g/t resp. 160 g/t. A preliminary ore estimation shows 1 Mt with 10% Zn and 4% Cu. The diamond drilling target was found by airborne EM survey 1997.

ScanMining has concentrated their efforts on their prospect at and around Ersmarksberget, WNW of the Skellefte field. ScanMining originally bought the Ersmarksberget gold prospect from the Frensh mining company Cogema. In March the Mine inspector granted ScanMining a mining concession for Ersmarksberget. Along the gold mineralisation the company also has deliniated zinc-bearing zones. 94 M SEK were raised for a feasibility study of the Ersmarksberget deposit and some exploration on nearby prospects. As many as 9 drilling rigs have been operating in the area at the same time. According to the company a mine will be opened in the year 2000.

Mining news

Boliden Ltd is planning to start an open cast operation in Maurliden, Central Skellefte field. The ore, typical for the field, contains 5-5.5% zinc, 0.1-0.2% copper, 0.3-0.4% lead, 65 g/t silver and 1 g/t gold. Between 1.5 and 2.5 Mt of ore will be mined.

Low gold prices in connection with low grades has forced William Resources to eliminate the drilling & blasting contractor at the Bjorkdal goldmine. Stockpiled ore will now be treated, the workforce at the mine reduced and the office in Stockholm shut down.

Diamond exploration

Poplar Resources Ltd.'s
subsidiary company North Star Diamonds A/S is currently exploring Sweden, along with Alcaston Mining of Australia. In June 8, 14 kimberlite indicator minerals had been produced from alltogether 351 samples.
Big changes have happened concerning the diamond exploration. North Star Diamonds and Alcaston have strongly reduced their application areas in common to the northernmost part of Sweden. As they put in their applications the same day they will share the rights. Alcaston has further ground down to the coast and 13 smaller areas south of this bigger one.

Industrial minerals

Later this year the Government will decide whether Tricorona Mineral AB will get the concession to mine china clay in Scania in southernmost Sweden. The area is densly populated farm land and the County board has denied a concession.

Meetings with a Scandinavian emphasis

Gold '99

"Precambrian gold in the Fennoscandian and Ukrainian Shields and related areas"
The meeting will be held at the Geological Survey of Norway, Trondheim, Norway.
Many prospectors are expected to attend this meeting. There will also be connected international excursions.
For information please contact: Krister Sundblad,

News from Mineral Resources Information Office

New appointed head in Malå is Anna Aberg (Lic.Fil.). Anna Åberg is a geologist with special interests in gold and fluid inclusions. She has been working at the office in Malå since April 1993. Kaj Lax resigned his office in Malå and returned to the head office in Uppsala.

Upgrading of Swedish exploration data continues. An emphasis is put on mineral occurrences, areas of ground
geophysics, ore boulders, exploration reports and relevant litterature in English on mineral mines and prospects.
Part of the work has been sponsored by Invest in Sweden Agency, ISA.

- So far 1200 occurrences are upgraded and checked. Another 3500 will be added
before the closure of this project at end of December this year.
- 1600 areas with ground geophysical data has been defined. The survey goes back to the 50-ties. The work will
continue with older surveys all the way back to the turn of the century.
- Loose ore boulders have been - and still are - useful in exploration since at least the 18 th century. From old
analoge data 4600 boulders have been digitized. Approximate the same amount still remains to be added. These
will be put together with 11600 already digitized boulders. Together they will form a database comprising
20000 boulders with coordinates, rock types, minerals and chemical analyses from all over Sweden.
- The catalogue of exploration reports now comprises 6000 titles. 3000 of them have been upgraded on their
key words.
- A catalogue of 1500 references to litterature in English about Swedish ore prospects and mines helps to guide
the international prospector.

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