The editor of GeoNord has in the past years collected a large number of links to other mineral related sites.
Many home pages are of the type:


There are many collections of mineral related links of which the largest one boast of more than 1000 links and as always the URL does not work after a few months.
The question is, are they of the type above "I made a home page - Therefore I am" or can you as a visitor find valuable information there to improve you knowledge.
The answer in many cases is NO.

None of the links in the GeoNord collection have been awarded any points, as many are under construction and improvements are added regularly.
All links included have been certified to have valuable information for the general amateur mineralogist.
The sites have been visited regularly to check if they are still there but a shortcoming or should one say the danger of all link collections is that the URL address suddenly does not work. The editor will take the risk.
Please report back if you find a broken link. Thank You.

Not regularly maintained because of ceaseless changes in url's, is my general warning as editor.

The links in this collection is devided into two chapter headings:

Scandinavian links / Nordic links
World Wide links
Add Your link.

Each main page has sub-chapters with headings such as, General Geology, Picture collections, Education, Gemstones, Gold, Amber, Home pages, Search engines, Data bases and so on.

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