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This is a trade page for all mineral collectors looking for a trade partner in Scandinavia
ie. the Nordic Countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.
If you want to buy, search for something, then you are welcome to place your ad in any language.
Some good suggestions on
how the exchange minerals can be found here.

The Rules are very simple. This trade page is strictly for "Trade - Sale - Buy" on a No Commercial basis.
Your trade must be "Non - Profit - Mineral for Mineral" or anything else that is related to minerals or fossils
Send e-mail to the editor if you want to join this list and meet mineral collectors from Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. If you wish to place a commercial advertisement, there is a special area under "Sponsor" where you can rent a page or part of it. For details, please get in touch with the GeoNord.
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Last update July 2020

My name is Jesus. I am a spanish geologist with nice minerals from the Panasqueira mines.
I am looking for nice Zircon specimens from Norway for trading. I can offer for them very nice minerals from Panasqueira, Apatites, Ferberite, Cassiterite, Quartzs....
Please, let me know if you would be interested in trading or if you know some mineral collectors.
I'll send photos. My email monteschico2003@yahoo.es
Best regards and many thanks
Jesus, Madrid, Spain

I am a swiss collector & rockhound and swap since around 10 years worldwide, most of them in MM boxes.
When you need more infos to put me in your list please let me know.

Best regards
Reto Schachtler

I am a micro and thumbnail collector.
I live close to Sterling Hill Mine also Franklin Mine in Franklin New Jersey. I also collected in both New St Quarry's in Paterson New Jersey.
I still have some larger pieces of Prehnite and some nice Stilbite I collected, but now I collect all small minerals.
I would like to trade with you guys for some of your minerals from Sweden, nothing special for I do not know what type of minerals you have to trade for.
Robert Santee
New Jersey
To Scandinavian mineral Collectors:
Sirs, in case you are interested in silicate minerals, I ask You to kindly visit my exchange site : http://digilander.libero.it/achipan/ . In fact, I am interested to add to my collection a good piemontite specimen, e.g. from Berghamn. In the site you could possibly find material for a fair trade. I trust you kindly let me know in any case.
Achille Panunzi,
Dipart. di Chimica,
Via Cintia
80126 Napoli
Hi everybody on this list,
I am a rough/finished gem exporter based in South India, an enchanting place rich in minerals. I look to trade minerals ( Iolite or water sapphire) for gem faceting machines such as Ultra tec, Facetron or Diamante.  Anybody interested please contact me. Wishing you all the best in rock collecting.

29/11 Duraiarasan Street,
Saligramam, Chennai: 600 092
Phone: 0091-044-9444039765

Hello fellow mineral enthusiasts,
My name is Geoff Krasnov and I have been collecting for over 25 years and sell on Ebay under "geekraz". I collect calcites and am always interested in better pieces in the 5-10cm size. My prefered localities are Tsumeb, Tri-State USA, England, and Eastern Bloc. I also have over 800 specimens for sale/trade (80% of which are calcite).

Contact: geoff@style-source.com
I am a spanish collector of fossils and minerals. I have to trade typical spanish minerals like aragonites and fine pyrites from La rioja. Also I have spanish trilobites.
If you are interested, please write me to fernandonet@mixmail.com
Fernando Santos
My name is Jan.
I am a swedish citizen but have been living in South Africa for the last 23years.
I collect minerals from the southern part of Africa and have built-up a considerable collection over the last 5 years, probably in the region of 4000specimens.
Areas of special interest include Tsumeb, The Kalahari Manganese Field, Messina, Zomba, Erongo and Brandberg. To subsidise my collecting I now look to sell and trade minerals. So if this tickles your fancy please do not hesitate to contact me.

Many warm regards,
Jan Eklund

My e-mail adress: oakhirst@global.co.za
My postal address: P.O.Box 3019, Pinegowrie, 2123, RSA
My web site address: www.silverhills.co.za
My phone no.: 09 27 82 418 4896
I am a italian collector of microminerals and I have lots of fine italian microminerals.
I will send my lists of minerals to all collectors interested.
Languages: english and french. Thank you very much for your kindness.

Gianni Porcellini
via Giarabub
6 - 47900 Rimini
Visit my website.

I have a very rare mineral to sell, a "Clino Humite" crystal from Haramosh, Pakistan.  It is a double terminated twin, and it is facet grade (though I hope it never gets cut!!).  This is the second ever deposit found of this grade of Humite. The specimen that I have is 1.3 grams.The other local for Humite is Russia, this deposit is new!!
I also have for sale Blue-Green terminated Tourmaline crystals from Paprook, Afghanistan, $8.00 per gram; Herkimer Diamond Quartz Crystals; Cactus (Spirit Quartz from Magaliesberg Mtn. Range, South Africa; a 20 gram gem quality UNCUT TERMINATED Tanzanite Crystal; all sorts of quartz specimens; Kunzite; a large 73 gram Heliodor crystal, terminated; lots of Zeolites from India; a 6.3 gram gem grade Imperial Topaz crystal, terminated.....contact me for pictures and or more info.
Please email me at G64Quartz@aol.com or telephone me at 1(845)-729 - 9666. 
Best Wishes,
Geoff Rudaw
My name is Borja. I am a spanish geologist and mineral collector, and would like to trade microminerals with scandinavian and worldwide collectors. I have a lot of spanish micros (most of them photo-quality and analyzed) and many rarities (worldwide). Large list available on request.Please, e-mail at:
Borja Sainz de Baranda Graf
Miami,3, 4-C
28027 Madrid
I am looking for someone in Sweden interested in mineral trade.
My wife Barbara and I have field collected, but mostly many years ago, in Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, Arizona, New Mexico, and many other places. We have traded off and on with people from all over the U.S., Europe, and elsewhere.  We have a large selection of micros from all over the U.S., including Hawaii, and some from other countries that we love to give away in the hopes of a trade.  A lot of it is common, but some not.  Few rarities.  Some very nice specimens. We have a current list of micros for trading on about 12 pages, two columns to a page, from 32 states within the U.S. and 33 countries outside the U.S. Many places we have a number of locations and minerals, just a few from others.  We have very few from Scandinavia in our own collection.  
Allen L. Lundgren
765 Redwood Lane
New Brighton, Minnesota  55112
Tel:  651-633-5442
    We are two teachers. After many years teaching outside France (Venezuela, India, Morocco...), we have now a big collection. We want to make a museum in the future. For that, we sell a part of our collection and doubles. We are looking for exchange links. You can also put a free announcement (any langage).Thanks for you visit. Sorry if that email make you trouble.
    Best regards.

    Claude ROY
    84 rue des Nouvelles
    39 100 DOLE
Hello mineralogical friends!
I would like to trade micros of all kinds. I offer many minerals from the copper, iron, and manganese areas
of my home state, Michigan, USA, famous for native copper. I also have nice kinoite inside quartz, unquie crystallized habits of saponite, unique massive datolite, aesthetic datolite with copoper flakes inside, and unusual finds of paratacamite and neotocite. I have many other minerals from this area. Please email me at jheyman@elp.rr.com if you would like a full list or to ask questions.
My very best to all,
Joe Heyman
I am a mineral collector from Timmins, Ontario Canada. I have been collecting for over 25 years. I am a retired Mining Engineer and a prospector as well. I am looking to trade for cabinet size specimens of showy crystals or crystal clusters. I have a trade list available upon request.
Jim Croxal
I am a mineral collector/researcher in the USA and I am seeking some rare minerals from Sweden and Norway, like these:
Allactite: Nordmark, Moss, Sweden - purple red, or pink - Mn7(AsO4)2(OH)8
Barylite: Långban mine, Sweden - blue - BaBe2Si2O7
Cyprine: Ovstebo, Norway - pale blue - vesuvianite variety
Eudidymite: Island Ovre-Aro, Norway - blue, violet - NaBeSi3O7(OH)
Heneuite:Tingelstadtjern, Norway - bluish violet, or Light blue green - CaMg5(PO4)3(CO3)(OH)

Please contact me if you can offer any of these species for purchase or trade?
Ned Strakos

I am a french rockhaunter in in Alps. I'm interested to exchange minerals of
titanium. Do you know someone who can be interested to exchange with me ?

Grégoire SAUSSUS
I am a mineral collector here in the U.S. looking for someone in Sweden that may be interested in trading minerals in crystals.
Been collecting for about 50 yrs. trading for about 24 yrs, any help on finding someone let me know, sending a list have many, common list but interested in any things that you find on field trips, live in North Carolina, in the U.S.

Bill Wall
803 Kensal Green Drive
Kernersville, N.C. 27284


I am a micromounter from austria, collecting systematical and minerals from my own country. I would like to swap micromounts with other collectors. Please got to my trade lists.
If you are interested, contact me by e-mail:

Thank you,
Andreas Thinschmidt

Jeg ønsker at købe følgende bøger:
Riccardo Levi-Setti: "Trilobites"
Anders Anderberg og Jan Johansson: "Trilobiterna i Närke"
Heinz Kowalski: "Trilobiten"

Henning Peersen
Mellemvej 15
8800 Viborg

My name is Darren Court and I live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I am interested in trading minerals, from micromounts up to small cabinet pieces. To offer, I have a number of specimens from New Mexico and Arizona, including Barite, Libethinite, Chalcotrichite and more. Please feel free to e-mail me with your offers. Happy Collecting!

Darren Court

Please add my advertisement to your web page - thanks.
My name is Petr . I am collector of trilobites. I have for trade trilobites kind Ellipsocephalus hoffi from Czech republic for other trilobites from all around the world.if you are interested in trilobites please contact me.

Petr Bruna,
Plynarenska 1482,
Slany 27401,
Czech republic

I am from Tennessee, USA and have access to 'Unikite' from the same area where it was first discovered in the 1800's in Unicoi County (hence the name Unikite). Many different color combinations and types. Would like to trade for any other type of gemstone or mineral.

Dan Hale
E-mail: KHale51156@aol.com

I am a commercial fossil dealer in Texas and would like to see if any of your members may wish to trade. I personally collect fossil sponges and will trade Texas fossils for these. I have shark teeth, echinoids, mollusk and some Mosasaur vertebra.

Thank you and Happy New Year!
Jim Wyatt
Fossilnet, Inc.
1517 Greentree Lane
Garland, Texas 75042

I have U. S. minerals and fossils for sale or trade. Minerals include many calcite crystals, beatufiul pink dolomite xls, geodes with millerite (Halls Gap, KY), barite, calcite, quartz, color-changing barite from Hartsel, Colorado, and more. Fossils include well over 200 species in many phyla (bryozoa, brachiopoda, cnidaria, echinodermata, mollusca, porifera, etc.). All material with good locality information, fossils with accurate stratigraphic information. Can e-mail either list in an ascii text-format.

Contact Alan Gold stein ,
1607 Washington Blvd.,
KY 40242-3539

I am a mineral collector specializing in calcite, fluorite, barite and quartz. I am looking for trading partners from Sweden and Norway with similar intrests. I also trade with others worldwide and would like to expand my contacts. If you are interested in Trading please contact me by e-mail.

Bill Morgenstern
Fort Frances, Ontario

I'm french collector of minerals, fossils and sand. I lived in Dijon / FRANCE. I would like to be a member of your association. I could trade with everybody some minerals : Marcassite, Fluorite, Hemtite, Mica Lepidolite, Baryte...
Some fossils from Jurassic periods : Rahbocidaris, Gryphae, Belemnite, Ammonites, Burmirhynchia, DigonellaI, Ornithella, Chomatoseris.
I'm very interessed to trade these minerals / fossils against sand from all over the world.

My adress is :
29 B2 Boulevard de l'Université Appartement 9
F-21000 DIJON

My name is Stan Perry and I live in the central U.S. and have been collecting and trading minerals for over 15 years. I have a nice selection of minerals (calcite, galena, chalcopyrite, and siegenite) from the Sweetwater Mine. I have galena and sphalerite from the Tri-State District (closed and flooded since 1970). I also have nice samples of planerite and wavellite from Arkansas. Many other U.S. and Mexican locations are available in limited quantities. I am interested in rare minerals, fluorite copper, and lead minerals from all over the world. If you are interested please contact me e-mail.

Stan Perry

Systematical micromounter from Austria, Europe, is looking for new swapping friends worldwide. Please order my lists:

With best regards,
Christian Auer

I am french amateur and I sell minerals and fossils from my collection, batches, or doubles I have found. I have minerals from different countries and some specifically from France ( aragonite on gyrolite, autunite, pinite, barite, chessylite...). I have also fossiles ( tracks of small dinosaures from France), trilobites from China, fishes from Messel... If you are interested, please, ask for a complete listing via e-mail. All specimens available to view in JPEG format (60 ko).

Best regards,
Claude Roy


My name is Jac Liska and I live in the Netherlands. I'm interested in swapping (not buying, not selling) micromount minerals from Germany (Eifel area and Vogelsberg area) and fossils from France (eocene Bassin de Paris) to any mineral- or fossil collector.
Anyone interested, please contact me by E-mail:

Jac Liska


I am a micromineral collector from Belgium and I do this since more than 20 years. In all this years I found a lot of microminerals and I have a good surplus that I like to exchange with other collectors.
You always get an answer if you contact me by E-mail:

René Vandenbosch


I am spanish fossil and mineral collector I have many quantity of them and I would like trading if it is possible.

Miguel Artigas 7,6ºA
44002 Teruel

Mineral collector from USA wishes to exchange specimens worldwide. Main interests include, but are not limited to, well crystalized and unique Quartz, Barites, Pyromorphites, and various minerals from India.
For a list of available specimens please send me your list by e-mail to:

Roger Hoek

 "Researcher begging for odd stuff from swedish NYF-type pegmatites - if you have anything out of the ordinary from these localities, Abborselet, Finbo and/or Ytterby, I will investigate it for you"
Jag forskar på pegmatiter, nämligen ABBORSELET utanför Bräcke, FINBO vid Falun och YTTERBY på Resarö. Arbetet omfattar förekomsternas geokemi och bildningsförhållanden men också en TOTAL UPPDATERING AV MINERALOGIN. Om du tror att du har något som jag bör titta på - skicka ett mail!
Phone: +46 18 4712552
Fax: +46 18 4712591
E-mail: Johan.Kjellman@geo.uu.se
Villavägen 16
Institute of Earth Sciences
Uppsala University
SE-752 36 Uppsala
My name is Chris Cowan. I am interested in specimens of astetical and unusual nature. I collect small cabinet and miniture specimens. I have a large lot of miarolytic minerals i.e. smokie quartz, orthoclase, albite, titanite and many New Mexico and worldwide localities for exchange. I buy, sell and trade and I am currently working on a web page but would love to here from other collectors or dealers.

E-mail me for details.
Paul Christopher Cowan

My name is Jeff Moore. I am always looking for trade partners. I have to offer minerals from mainly New York State, U.S.A. I collect crystal specimens from MIN-SCAB in size. Please email me for my trade list.

Thank you.
Jeff Moore

My name is Michael Schmidt, and I am living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a great may Canadian and US trilobites, and also have a lot of vertebrate and invertebrate fossils from Canada and the USA. This also includes dinosaur material. In addition, I have a very good friend from Pakistan who always makes sure that I have a great deal of beautiful Pakistani and Afghan pegmatites in stock. I would prefer fossil trades, but I am also interested in mineral trades as well. E-mail for additional information.

Thank you.
Michael Schmidt

My name is Keith Hayes and I am a collector located in Bay City, Michigan. I am mainly interested in trading for Thumbnails and miniatures. I have lists of minerals available on request. My main interests are aesthetic specimens of fluorite, tourmalines, copper minerals, and native metals.

Keith Hayes

I am an advanced collector that would like to trade for scandanavian or worldwide minerals. Send list and request mine. I would also be interested in establishing contacts for field collecting in scandanavia.

Ted Johnson
Home address: 22 East Hayes Rd
East Hampton,
CT 06424

I am Benedikt Magrean from a little village in the Eifel, Germany. The Eifel is a region in the west of Germany at the Belgium border.
It's all devonian / carboniferous here so most of the trilobites I have are from the lower and middle devonian. I collect trilobites for several years. I look for other collectors to trade. Do you have any Swedish trilobites?
If you are interested, please contact me by e-mail.

Benedikt Magrean

Always looking for a good mineral-exchange. As systematic micromount- collector I am searching for rare/unusual minerals missing in my collection. In my more than 25 years of field-collecting I have gathered a lot of surplus material I lake to exchange with other collectors world-wide. On my exchange-list you will find about 300 different minerals and a total of ca. 700 entry's. Also I have some raw material available for mini-mining.

Interested ? send me your exchange-list to: David Nieto

 I'm an Italian advanced collector of systematic minerals of size about 3 x3 cm. I' m looking for rare minerals from Norway, Sweden, Finland (from all the Scandinavia) and I can offer minerals from Europe, Italy in particular, and from USA. E-mail me if you want to have a copy of my trade list or if you want to write my address is:

Piero Tamea
Via Giacomo Venezian 19/A
00153 Roma

 I am interested in exchanging minerals from New Jersey, mainly zeolites and associated species for any well crystallized specimens. I have collect miniature to small cabinet only.

Richard Margolis

I am a mineral collector from Germany and collect on systematic base. I am interested in swapping minerals with you. Please send me your e-mail address and I will forward a copy of my trade list.

Soenke Stolze
Hamburger Str. 51
D-238 43 Oldesloe

I am looking for a mineral trade partner. I am interested in minerals from Russia, but any other suggestion is welcome. Please send your trade list or want list to Harald Taagvold, Norway.

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